Spotify Premium Apk Download Latest Version 2021 (Mod 100% Working)

Spotify premium apk or mod is available to download from our website and it has all premium features unlocked. You can download music and get ad free experience.

Spotify is a popular music streaming service or app from where a user can listen to their favorite songs anytime without any hesitation. There is a huge collection of music on this app so users will get their favorite songs easily. 

The app is free to use but if you want more features then you need to go with their premium pack, which is paid. Everyone cannot afford to buy the premium pack and that’s why most people search for the mod apk.

But recently we got to know that Spotify had updated their features and are banning all the accounts, which are running from mod apk. So the users need to create another account to use the services. That’s why today in this article we are providing you the latest Spotify mod apk, which a user can use without any issues. 

We have also seen that Spotify doesn’t support all countries but you don’t have to worry about it. The Mod apk we are providing will support in all countries. So let us know about the features of Spotify Premium Mod apk

Spotify premium mod Full Information

Features of Spotify Premium Mod Apk –

Spotify Connect

In this Mod apk, users will be able to listen to any song they want. They will have the power to connect their laptops and PC from a single account. You just need to connect your device to the same Wi-Fi network and make sure that you are using the latest version. It will help to make your TV a streaming device.

 Ad free music

As we know that Spotify is a revenue-making app and revenue can be earned either by directly paid users or through ads. If we are using free Spotify then we need to bear all these ads. But in this mod version, all the ads are blocked. It means now a user can listen to their music without any disturbance, as it comes with an ad-free music feature. 

 Seeking Enabled

This is a great feature that we are getting in this Spotify mod apk. In the free version, we are not allowed to play our favorite part in a song. But here we can move the slides anywhere to play our favorite part of the music. 

 Unlimited Shuffle

Unlimited shuffling is also a great feature in this app where users are allowed to do shuffling of the songs any time they want. In the free version, we are not allowed to make a queue of our favorite songs but here we can make a queue easily and can also play Top hits and radar without any shuffle, as it is no longer in this mod apk.

 Extreme Audio Unlocked

It is necessary to experience good quality music and the music is described in kbps ( kilobits per second ). The normal quality song comes with 160 kbps but if we want high-quality then we have to go with 320 kbps. High-quality sound is available only for premium users but this mod apk also provides the high-quality music with 320 kbps.

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Download Spotify Premium Mod Apk

So here is the download link for Spotify Premium Mod apk, you just need to tap on the link that we have given below to download the app. You will be able to use all the premium features of the app with this mod apk. So here is the link –

   Spotify Premium Mod Apk Download


So this is all about the Spotify Premium Mod apk. We have given the complete details and download link for the Spotify Premium Mod apk. Now you can easily download it and enjoy all the features of this app. Still, if you have any queries then you can ask us in the comment section. 

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